How long does a session last? 

  • Sessions run for a "45-50 minute hour". We spend the bulk of the session working with the issues at hand and then spend the last five minutes closing/integrating the session and scheduling the next session. 

How long do I need to be in counseling? 

  • It depends on the individual. Some clients are only looking for short-term counseling. Others are best served by longer-term work. Some people begin with the intention of a handful of sessions but then realize they may benefit from ongoing support and therapeutic work. We will collaborate to find what is best for you. 

Do I need to come every week? 

  • Research shows that ounseling is most beneficial when done on a weekly basis. This allows for continued focus on issues that come up in session so that you can move toward the change you want in your life. When sessions are a couple (or more) weeks apart, the bulk of the session tends to be spent "catching up". Sometimes toward the end of the therapeutic relationship, every-other-week sessions are beneficial as maintenance/check-in sessions. But during the work of therapy, it's most helpful to come every week. Sometimes life circumstances or finances prohibit sessions every week, and I am of course willing to work with what works for you. 

What does Metta mean?

  • Metta is a Pali word usually translated as “loving-kindness”. Others describe it as a recognition that we all want to escape suffering and find fulfillment, to be at ease, to have peace, to feel well. It is the basis for empathy, compassion, and shared joy. I believe that no matter what the therapeutic approach, the foundation of all good counseling is this empathy, this loving-kindness.